Transportation :

Transportation is seperated from the camp charges as it varies with every participants basic comfort zone. It can be availed on request as per requirements and the charges for the same will vary as per choice. For Train journey we would be able to offer ticekts only if it available. Charges Aplicable..


In every camp there is different facility for accomodation. The package containes the description of the accomodation type in iclusions in fees. Charges varies for Alpine Tents, Swiss Tents, Hotel Stay as per availability and choice.


Morning tea/ coffee; B/F will be Indian Vegiterian snacks and Indian fare on different days, the lunches & dinners will be vegetarian buffets. Tea & snacks in the evening.


Local guides & Certified Mountaineering Instructor from Any of the Naitional mountaineering Institutes based at Uttarkashi,Manali, Pahalgaon & Darjeeling.


Things to Carry for Camp to Manali.

Compulsory during Journey :
I-Card, Uniform (for school Students), Dry Snacks.
CampRequirements : Compulsory :

1. Torch - with extra batteries,
2. Water Bottle (Light weight which can be hanged in shoulder or waist),
3. Empty small shoulder bag to keep things during treks,
4. Inner Clothes as Per Requirement - Min. 4 pairs.
5. Jeans Pant -2, Trek Pant-1, Shorts-1, Shirt / T-shirt - 3 to 5.
6.  Woolen Clothes : Warm Jacket- 1, Pull over / Sweater 1, Monkey Cap - 1, Hand Gloves-1 pair, Light full Rain- coat.
7. 4 Pairs of Nylon socks, Sports Shoes, Water Proof Sandal, Towel, Napkin, Hand Kerchief as per requirement.
8. Thin Bed Sheet / Shawl, Air Pillow, Talcum powder, cold cream, leap gel, comb, tooth paste-brush, soaps, hair oil.
9.  Note pad, pen, games to play during train journey, Sunglasses, Binocular (optional), cap, Dry Snacks.
10. Money for personal use as per requirement, Personal Medications, Use ruck sack as baggage which can be locked
11. Mobile Phones, Valuables are strictly prohibited. 


Contact No: 0261-2215421, Mobile No: 9712970040

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